About me


about-meSo glad you made it to my website Green Tea Paradise!

Let me tell you more about me….

My name is Eva de Leeuw, I’m from the SMALL country the Netherlands but I’m a BIG green tea enthusiast…

well, green tea obsessive drinker would be a better description.

Don’t worry I do live my life like anyone else, I just like my cup of green tea!

I’ve always had a thing for tea; back when I was 17 I started working in a little tea store where I scooped away piles of loose tea, selling them to other tea-a-holics.

I always went home with bags of tea
(don’t worry, the boss knew about it) to try at home. That’s when I discovered the green pearls: gunpowder green tea.

Right from the start green tea and Eva were a team.

Friends and family sometimes wondered why I was so enthusiastic about scooping tea into a strainer and drinking this greenish beverage. By the time I’d been working in the tea shop for three years, I got them all turned around though.

Since then – long after I’d stopped working in the tea shop – any guest at my house always asks for tea. Serious!

Anyway, since the tea shop, it was time for me to start working long hours. I got lucky and right after finishing two international studies I started working for a company that sent me all the way to New Zealand and Australia for 1,5 years. No worries, green tea was available there too!

about-meI did learn more about the English tea culture though; adding milk to your tea; this was unthinkable to me but here I was seen as a criminal when asking for tea without any milk. Oh my goodness, you should’ve seen the look on their faces…

Back in the Netherlands, I continue drinking (green) tea at home, in restaurants, bars and at work, meanwhile learning more about other tea cultures as well.

Two years ago for example, my boyfriend Dennis and I went to Morocco. This North-African country is famous for their mint tea and guess what tea is at the basis of this African tea?

Green tea of course!

They use gunpowder green tea with mint tea and add tons of sugar or honey to make it sweet as candy…

Of course we had to buy the complete traditional Moroccan tea set and Dennis and I are now constantly pouring mint tea following Moroccan tradition.

Besides my love for green tea I also love to write and therefore I thought to combine my two loves into my very own website!

I thought it would be fun to share some ideas and information with other green tea fans and even more fun to write the content myself!

I hope you enjoy reading about green tea as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

Please contact me if you have a question, remark or you want to point something out to me!

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