Arizona Green Tea: Trendy….But Not Healthy.


arizona-green-teaArizona Green Tea may be one of the best selling green tea in a can.

I believe you when you say it tastes fantastic…..….

You probably read the back of the can, pleasantly surprised to find it contains less caffeine than other (soda) drinks….

And yes, it may even give you an energy boost, meanwhile increasing your metabolism which should ultimately help to lose weight.

So far, so good….

Or not?

No, unfortunately this fairytale doesn’t end with “a happily ever after…

Although, good in promoting their products, the Arizona Beverage Company (a.k.a. AriZona) do not stress enough they use sucralose (an artificial sweetener) instead of sugar to sweeten their “Diet Green Tea with Cran-Apple” and “Diet Green Tea with Ginseng”. Even though they remove the sugar and calories to make a drink healthier, they undo any health effect by adding the sucralose.

Although AriZona’s normal (green) teas in a can contain on average 18 g sugar, their canned diet (green) teas contain only sucralose; both contain 7,5 mg caffeine.

arizona-green-teaWhen checking out their organic green teas “Pomegranate Green Tea” and “Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey” we see 13g sugar and 18 mg of caffeine.

AriZona is a producer of various flavors of hot tea, iced tea, juice cocktails, sport drinks and energy drinks. In collaboration with Bigalow they also created different tea bags with flavors such as: Pomegranate & Acai Green Tea, Mandarin Orange Green Tea and Green Tea Ginseng & Honey Jasmine (each containing 25-50 mg caffeine per 8oz).

Just enjoy your AriZona drink every now and then but forget about possible health benefits of green tea because

AriZona’s diet green teas are just another drink, DOING NOTHING FOR YOU, especially not helping you to lose weight!


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