Benefits of DRINKING Green Tea!


There are several benefits of drinking green tea instead of taking a green tea pill or consuming green tea in another shape or form.
This has to do with various factors negatively influencing the healthy green tea ingredients when consumed other than the “original version“; the green tea beverage!

Want to find out what these factors are?

…..And what the healthy ingredients are?

Then, sit back and read the following….

A 2001 study found the variety, growing environment, and manufacturing conditions influence the composition of fresh tea leaves.

benefits-of-drinking-green-tea That’s not all though…

More importantly they found the size of the tea leaves, and if in a bag, the size and material of the tea bag influence the in-cup concentrations of polyphenols (as well as the caffeine content).

Polyphenols, or green tea antioxidants, are the MOST important source of ALL green tea benefits.

You don’t want these to disappear during processing.

So, not only the GROWING and MANUFACTURING conditions influence the composition of the tea leaves but also the TYPE of END PRODUCT in the stores influences the concentration of the healthy ingredients.

Besides losing high dosages of healthy antioxidants, other benefits of DRINKING green tea instead of consuming it another way, are:

  • HIGH QUALITY: The best green tea leaves are often used for loose tea whereas the lower quality tea leaves are often processed, ending up in pills, creams, shampoo and so on.
  • CHEAPER TO BUY: Loose tea (or even green tea bags) is often much cheaper than buying a cream or pill since it follows a much shorter (to hardly any) manufacturing process.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: The intake of the ingredients is much more effective than in other substances since it is already fluid, transported easily through the body.
  • LOWER ON CAFFEINE: The caffeine content is much lower in loose tea than in for example green tea pills (which can be a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight, where caffeine can help).
  • MORE FLAVOR: Fresh tea leaves provide much more (natural) flavor than the other types.


If you now want to try the pure loose green tea but you don’t like the somewhat bitter taste of green tea:

  • Brew under one minute with hot water (before reaching the boiling point).
  • Steep for a short period of time (2 to 2,5 minutes).

Tips on HOW TO BREW green tea!

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