Benefits of Green Tea: Increase your Well-Being, without giving up on anything.


Benefits of green tea? I didn’t know there were any? Isn’t it just another type of tea such as the good old Earl Grey, the Ceylon and Oolong tea?

Well, on the one hand it might look as just another trend in tea-land; on the other hand, however, you cannot compare it to the other teas at all!

So, did this make you curious?……..Good!

It also made (professional and self-made) experts curious enough to dedicate a lot of their time and research to green tea.

Everyone wants to contribute to the Green Tea Phenomenon but they all seem to agree that green tea has the following health benefits:

Also other benefits of green tea have been claimed but some have not been validated by scientific evidence yet or mixed results have occurred so that more research needs to be done. Among these are;

These are all great health benefits but you also need to be aware of the possible (negative) green tea side effects.

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Benefits of DRINKING green tea!

Green tea and CANCER.

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