Is there Caffeine in Green Tea? Yes or no?


The shortest answer to that question is:


my friends you can actually find caffeine in green tea!

The next question will then probably be: should I only take limited amounts of green tea a day? The only answer to that question is:


you can drink as much green tea as you want!

Better yet, green tea is one of the healthiest drinks around (and much tastier than drinking just water…); even the caffeine in it is not that bad either because you can only find a limited amount of it in green tea.

And if THAT isn’t enough, you can even influence the amount of caffeine in your cup of tea by using either loose green tea or a tea bag.


As Vera Tweed (2007) pointed out: “Black tea contains 40-70 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup, about half that of coffee; green tea contains 9-50 mg of caffeine per cup; white and oolong teas range somewhere in between the two”. Find out why the caffeine content of tea varies.

What is more, small amounts of caffeine can even be good for your health. After all, it’s the natural drug that keeps you focused throughout the day!

Caffeine makes you alert and counteracts feelings of fatigue so you can get things done. The drug also raises blood pressure and stimulates the kidneys. Caffeine can even help in your fight to lose weight!

With its high levels of caffeine, it’s not recommended to only drink coffee or soft drinks that contain high levels of caffeine because it can sometimes lead to insomnia (being unable to fall asleep).

Luckily, tea in general and
green tea in specific
don’t have this problem.

For example, with green tea you would on average need to fill up your mug at least 10 times to arrive at the same level of caffeine as is in one cup of coffee. A kid can do the math….

Are you sure you want to buy decaffeinated green tea? Find out why you might want to stick with the regular green tea.

Caffeine in green tea can cause SIDE EFFECTS:
find out which ones…

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Tweed, Vera (2007). Better Nutrition: A Toast to tea.