Celestial Seasonings And Kombucha: Their Brand of Bottled Teas.


celestial-seasoningsCelestial Seasonings, famous from the tea bags, has also introduced Kombucha; a line of bottled fruit-infused blends with 95% organic Kombucha.

Their flavors are: Digestion, Antioxidant, Energy, Metabolism, Original and Super Green. Especially the flavor Metabolism: Berry Guava is interesting because one of the functional ingredients is green tea extract, supporting metabolism and energy.

Find out how green tea boosts your metabolism: green tea and metabolism!

Although also the Kombucha line contains some artificial ingredients normally found in bottled tea (to preserve the ingredients longer) it does not contain artificial coloring or sugars (it does contain some natural sugar though).

In short, this might be a good alternative to the high sugar bottled drinks whether a Coke or Lipton Diet Tea.

However, if you want to get the real green tea benefits, brewing loose green tea is definitely the way to go!

The green tea ANTIOXIDANTS, ready to boost your health!

Tips on how to BREW green tea!

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