Chinese Green Tea


Chinese history of green tea

The history of Chinese green tea started almost 4,000 years ago (2737 BC) when consumption took off in China.

According to a Chinese legend, Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung was boiling water under a tea tree while taking a nap when a breeze caused some tea leaves to fall from an overhead branch into his pot of boiling water.

The Emperor smelled the pleasant scent and decided to drink it anyway; he thought it was refreshing, stimulating, and had great powers.

Green tea was first used as a medicine only for healing wounds, regulating body temperature, blood sugar, digestion and so on. Soon it turned into one of the most popular beverages in China due to the pleasant taste.

Another reason of green tea’s quick rise in popularity was that it hardly needed any processing, encouraging many to start producing green tea.

Since then green tea has become the No. 1 preferred type of tea in China and ranks among the seven Chinese mandatory necessities; next to rice, firewood, salt, oil, vinegar, and sauce.


Chinese tradition

Green tea plays an important role in various Chinese traditions. For example, when a couple gets married the bride and groom serve tea to their parents to thank them for bringing them up. Chinese also show their respect towards others by offering them a cup of tea.

With this ancient history, traditions and long traditions of cultivation, growing and brewing green tea, green tea from China is considered to be the best in the world.

They also have a strong name in the other three types of tea: black tea, white tea and Oolong (or Wu-Long) tea.

Types of Chinese green tea

There are various types of Chinese green tea, such as Gunpowder green tea, Dragonwell green tea and Jasmine green tea.

Chinese tea is sometimes considered to be a “miracle tea ” for weight loss. Don’t expect miracles. Green tea is, however, capable of stimulating thermogenesis (burning more fat), reducing body weight and waist circumference. Go to Chinese diet tea for more on this subject.

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