Does Green Tea Stain Teeth?


To answer the question “Does Green Tea Stain Teeth” we can apply the rule of thumb:

anything that will stain your clothes or expensive table cloth will stain your teeth as well.


Yes, you guessed – or experienced – it: like fruit juice, coffee or red wine tea also stains…

To be exact, green tea, or any other tea, does not stain your teeth but the dental plaque in your mouth.

Don’t worry you can easily avoid this by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly!

Normally, any plaque in your mouth will start to harden and if you haven’t brushed your teeth after 24 hours, this plaque will turn into tartar. Tartar is porous and more stains will emerge.

A visit to the dentist will solve this problem and make your teeth shine like pearls again – depending on whether you’re a smoker and how long since you last brought him or her a visit –. The dentist removes all plaque and tartar, and consequently any “stains”.

Wait, green tea has many advantages that will make your teeth smile!

Black tea vs green tea

“Does green tea stain teeth?” Well, the theaflavins, a green tea ingredient, are the “stain” criminal emerging during fermentation.

Luckily, green tea is the least processed of all teas. The tea leaves are dried, not fermented like black tea. As a result green tea contains far less theaflavins than black tea.

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Good oral hygiene

Green tea is a natural source of fluoride which helps to prevent cavities and strengthens tooth enamel.

What is more, its anti-inflammatory function helps to break down bacteria responsible for forming plaque or infections in the mouth. Any infection in the mouth often causes a bad breath so another big plus is that green tea also freshens your breath!

Read about the green tea antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory function.

Tips to prevent or minimize stains on your teeth!

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Floss regularly.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after drinking tea.
  • Drink high quality green tea instead of low quality.
  • Avoid drinking too much green tea with lemon because the acid in lemon weakens your teeth (excessive acid intake dehydrates your teeth).

Read here why drinking green tea with lemon can be a good thing as well!

Overall, although green tea stains your teeth the health benefits outweigh this minor disadvantage…

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