Foojoy Green Tea: A Chinese Favorite


Foojoy Green Tea is a Chinese brand offering various green teasfoojoy-green-tea
(wrapped in a bag).

They offer flavors such as China Green Tea, Chinese Jasmine Green Tea, Lungching (Dragonwell) Green Tea and China Green Tea.

After checking various reviews on this tea – sorry, I haven’t come across one myself yet… – most people find it a surprising good tea at a great price.

So, it turns out these Chinese guys from Foojoy are telling the truth when promoting their products as offering freshness, high-quality for a good price!

What’s more these bags are low in caffeine and they promote it as containg no fat, calories or carbohydrates…


but tea never contains fat or calories…

Oh well, we don’t take it personal since it’s just a brand trying to make a living; besides they’re not making a false statement either!

Most important is that you can drink it day in day out and enjoy these Chinese green teas.

If you want to lose weight, I would check out other brands though since it’s not a brand specialized in weight loss.

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