A bit of Green Tea and Acne = h.i.s.t.o.r.y.!


Green tea and acne….do they go together?


In fact, the first will eliminate the other!

Some people unfortunately have acne. Something they thought they had to live with…..Well, not anymore they don’t!

If you have acne, simply use green tea and acne will disappear like you’ve always had that flawless skin.

If you have already tried all the chemical solutions, you should simply give good old green tea a try.

Where the chemical solutions (containing benzoyl peroxide) often dry out the skin, cause a rash or another allergic reaction, green tea is an all natural anti-bacterial solution filled with antioxidants which doesn’t have these side effects.

Better yet green tea:

  • reduces inflammation;
  • reduces hormonal activity, and
  • increases detoxification.

One by one helpful in the fight against acne.

Green tea has the same, sometimes even better, results as the benzoyl peroxide solutions. If you buy green tea as a cream or in the form of a pill, results will be ok but if you choose the even cheaper version by simply drinking green tea, you will probably be staggered by the results!

Acne is normally caused by a problem under the skin, not by the skin itself or by influences from outside.

When drinking green tea
we can solve the real (underlying) problem without only treating the symptom (which is the acne).

Drinking green tea after a meal also helps to digest
the food and aids the detoxification process, removing the stuff that may cause acne. Just don’t take any sugar in your tea because it’ll neutralize the beneficial effects.

After pouring yourself a cup of green tea, don’t throw away the tea bag just yet because you can even use this on your face to fight acne! Softly rub it onto your face to calm down the skin.

Just take your daily dose of green tea
and acne will soon disappear!

What do you have to lose?

Not only does green tea eliminate acne, it also rejuvenates your skin.
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