The Green Tea And Cholesterol Facts: Four Reasons To Take Some Green Tea!


If you want to know the green tea and cholesterol facts, you’ve come to the right place. On this page I hope to provide some insight into how green tea can help to lower cholesterol. To sum up, green tea can:

1. Decrease high levels of cholesterol
2. Decrease total cholesterol

3. Decrease bad (LDL) cholesterol

4. Increase good (HDL) cholesterol

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1. Decrease high levels of cholesterol

High cholesterol is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Luckily, the ‘green miracle’ decreases high levels of cholesterol (and other fats) in the blood.

2. Decrease total cholesterolgreen-tea-and-cholesterol-facts

As the University of Maryland Medical Center already pointed out: “research shows that green tea lowers total cholesterol“. In other words, if you drink green tea you are more likely to have a lower total cholesterol than if you do not drink green tea.

Löest (2002) found that green tea has an inhibitory effect on the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and promote its excretion from the body which was confirmed by Raederstorff (2003).

He even found that the green tea antioxidant, EGCG, is the main reason green tea has this cholesterol lowering effect. Both studies were performed on animals though so further research needs to be done.

3. Decrease bad (LDL) cholesterol

Nagao (2007) found that the continuous ingestion of green tea extract high in polyphenols led to a reduction in not only body fat and blood pressure, but also to a lower LDL cholesterol! This suggests green tea also contributes to a decrease in cardiovascular disease and even obesity.

Again, the most important type of polyphenols responsible for lowering the bad (LDL) cholesterol was EGCG as Cabrera (2007) points out. She claims the oxidation of LDL cholesterol is inhibited by green tea. This is something normally associated with a risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Another study (Maron, 2003) not only supports these findings…they take it a step further and claim that when combining theaflavins (found in black tea) and catechins (found in green tea) into one supplement, it even lowers the bad (LDL) cholesterol on HIGH cholesterol patients!

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4. Increase good (HDL) cholesterol

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests “green tea raises HDL cholesterol in both animals and people“.

So, here you have them, the green tea and cholesterol facts.

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