The Green Tea Antioxidant Boost!


Green tea consists of various components. To sum up these are:


As mentioned above the most important antioxidant of green tea is catechin of which is said it may inhibit the growth of cancer.

Other teas also contain catechins, however, since green tea is substantially less processed than black tea, oolong tea or any other tea, its effects are significant in comparison with any other tea (or drink).

Not only are catechins antioxidants they are also antibacterial, lower blood cholesterol and stop the increase of blood sugar. Vitamin A stimulates the eyes and as mentioned above, functions as an antioxidant, though to a lower extent than catechins.

We all consume a bit more oranges and fruit in general when we start to feel tired, grumpy and sniffy….Normally these are signs a virus has taken over your body leading to a cold or even the flu….(it can also be just a grumpy, stressed out person with an annoying tic but let’s assume you’re not one of them!). Anyway, if indeed we do take the oranges we are taking in a lot of Vitamin C which is also to be found in green tea, fighting the cold or flu.

Flavonoids are good for your heart and they strengthen the blood vessel walls. Fluoride must ring a bell if you ever sat in the dentist’s chair; this green tea ingredient prevents cavities. Theanine is a relaxant and is said to reduce symptoms of menopause (don’t we all love that!) and finally caffeine is a stimulant and much more.

If you want to know much more about antioxidants in general, the foods and drinks containing it and much more, you should definitely take a look at The Antioxidant Buzz, a great website dedicated to our friends!

If you want to know more about vitamins in general or you are interested in vitamin supplements I recommend you check out the Vitamins Supplements Health Benefits website!

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