A Green Tea Cake; Deliciously healthy!

Green Tea Cake

green-tea-cakeExcuse me? A green tea cake?

Yes, you read it correctly!

Although it’s probably not the first thing on your mind when baking a cake or when thinking about green tea the combination of the two can be delicious indeed!

Due to its popularity, you can now find green tea in many shapes and forms. So, why not try it in the form of a (cheese) cake? A healthy alternative to the normal treat!

Understand me correctly, I’m not saying it’s the healthiest option around (simply because cake contains lots of butter, eggs and sugar) but if you’re already GOING to BAKE a cake, why not bake one with far less calories and much more health benefits?

After all, among other things, green tea is known to prevent and treat cancer, it increases your body’s metabolism, it can help to prevent auto-immune diseases (diabetes), it slows the aging-process and reduces acne.

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If you’ve now become extremely excited to start baking (which you should be by now), it’s time to click here for DELICIOUS cake recipes made with green tea!



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