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If you want to get all green tea facts straight, keep on reading!

green-tea-factsFind out WHAT green tea is and learn more about the HISTORY of green tea!

Click, if you want to know what TYPES of green tea can be found around the world; from JAPANESE green tea to CHINESE green tea.

Check out what green tea PRODUCTS are available, and choose your favorite!

Do you want to find out what it is that makes green tea so special from normal tea or other beverages?

We can give you a hint: it contains antioxidants and other INGREDIENTS which make it extremely healthy.

Read more on the green tea ANTIOXIDANTS or the BENEFITS of green tea (from preventing acne and boosting your metabolism to helping to prevent cancer).

Don’t forget the green tea EXTRACT benefits either!

Drink green tea with LEMON and enjoy even more of the green tea health benefits!

Besides all of its health benefits, there are some green tea SIDE EFFECTS to take into account as well.

Find out whether the question “ does green tea STAIN teeth ” needs to be answered with a yes or no.

Maybe you find it difficult to decide whether to drink BLACK tea vs GREEN tea?

If you find it difficult to make the perfect green tea, you have to check out these TIPS on how to BREW the best green tea! Also check out the DIRECTIONS on how to MAKE green tea!

Are you thinking about buying DECAFFEINATED green tea? Read this first…

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Does green tea contain CAFFEINE?

Find out what INGREDIENTS can be found in green tea!

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