Green Tea Health Benefit: Fighting Depressive Symptoms!


An important green tea health benefit is the fact green tea helps fighting depressive symptoms.

Through life we all experience things we would’ve preferred to see differently or avoid at all cost; from being sacked or losing someone you love to hearing you have a serious illness.

Unfortunately we cannot change these things, making us feel sad or depressed. A depression negatively affects your mind, emotions, and even your body.

With our nutritional choices we can influence the way we feel. We all feel slightly happier after that bar of chocolate or eating sweets and cookies (if only for a short while, right before we step on the scale that is).

If we look after ourselves and make healthy decisions food and drink wise we create a positive state of mind, picking ourselves up from feelings of sadness or depression. They won’t cure the depression but they can alleviate the symptoms for a while.

Several foods give you a boost and green tea happens to be one of them!

A 2009 Japanese study explains why….

Green tea contains theanine, an anti-stress compound. Why? Well, theanine is an amino acid with the ability to penetrate the brain-blood barrier thereby increasing dopamine and serotonin; two compounds associated with improved mood and reduced

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The researchers found that

higher consumption of green tea – 4 cups or more a day – is related to a significantly lower prevalence of depressive symptoms!

However, they only investigated elderly people, aged 70 or over and claim more research needs to be performed to strengthen these results.

Another green tea health benefit is that it is great for memory and learning.

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