Green Tea Mints …. And Your Mouth Is Refreshed And Clean!


Green tea mints? What’s up with THAT?

In Asia green tea is used in lots of products such as green tea soap, green tea toothpaste, green tea gum, green tea shampoo, green tea cream and green tea skin care products.

Now, green tea extract can also be found in mints….and not only in Asia but throughout the world!

green-tea-mintsMints from Sencha Naturals are one of them.

These pastel mints strongly infused with organic sencha, a type of green tea, are shaped like tea leaves and all have a refreshing taste.

The mints come in four favors: Plain (“Original”), Cooling (“Lively Lemongrass”), Sweet Pear (“Delcaye Pear”) and Fresh Lychee & Coconut (“Morning Lychee”), all sugar-free (naturally sweetened with Lo Han Guo, a berry extract grown in Southern China).

What is more, the all natural mints are gluten-free, no animal testing, vegan, organically grown and the green tea extract is Fair Trade certified.

What’s so special about mints with green tea (in general) is that they not only refresh and clean your mouth, they also provide lots of other health benefits.

The polyphenols found in green tea actively inhibit the root causes of bad breath (oral bacteria), boost the immune system, reduce cancer risk, slow the aging process, and help prevent heart disease.

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Just three of these mints contain the same properties as one cup of green tea (the beverage).

But most importantly:

they taste very good too!!


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