Green Tea Oil – The latest in cooking!


green-tea-oilGreen tea oil is made from air-dried tea seeds pressed to yield a clear yellow-golden oil. Similar to canola or sunflower oil it’s also used for cooking.

Didn’t think that now did you? You don’t have to worry when on a diet because it contains a lot of healthy omega-3 fats and it’s low in saturated fats.

That’s not all; this golden substance can also be useful as lamp fuel.

After several procedures an essential oil can be produced from the fermented and dried tea leaves, making it useful for skin care products as well. You can find it in cream and cosmetics.

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Be careful however not to buy skin care that has green tea fragrance because these products only “smell” like green tea but don’t actually contain it. That’s not a problem when buying perfume though (green tea has a fresh, uplifting and energizing scent)!

If you want to profit from the oil’s benefits of anti-inflammation and anti-aging though you should definitely make sure there’s actually some in the product!

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