Green Tea Perfume: You Gotta Love The Smell Of Green Tea!


It’s no surprise you can now also buy green tea perfume, with green tea getting increasingly popular day by day!

From green tea soap, green tea cream, green tea shampoo to other green tea skin care products, green tea is looked upon as healthy and refreshing.

green-tea-perfumeSince perfume with green tea is often made from natural ingredients they pose no serious risks for allergic reactions.

The Green Tea Scent!

True perfume made from green tea has a grassy smell, a green tea bag coming closest to the actual scent. Luckily, most perfumes with green tea have been mixed with other scents such as fruit and floral essences; green tea blends perfectly with these, giving a light, fresh scent.

A perfume made from green tea gives you a fresh and uplifting feeling all day long!

The Most Popular Ones…

The most popular perfumes containing green tea are

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