Green Tea Recipes: Try them all!


If you can’t get enough of green tea, you have to try some of the following green tea recipes!

They might seem a bit strange at first but I can assure you that they’re all very tasty!

In case it does happen you don’t like one, just try another one or…
Invent your own!

Just get over the green color, and you’ll learn to love them all!

green-tea-recipesSo CHECK OUT these recipes:

And? Are you getting excited to try one? I bet you are!

However, if not, you can always check out the benefits of green tea to get you extra motivated!

If you like eating healthy in general but you don’t have the time to come up with new recipes, I recommend you check out Healthy Eating Recipes where you can find recipes for breakfast, (vegetarian, Asian and other) meals, and even desserts!

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