Green Tea Smoothies: Healthy And Delicious


Green tea smoothies are a great way of on the one hand enjoying an easy, fast and tasty drink;

On the other hand it’s extremely nutritious as it provides all the benefits of green tea for antioxidants, fruit for vitamins and other healthy ingredients!

Whether dieting, needing energy for sports performance, graving for a (healthy) snack or wanting to get your daily intake of vitamins without much hassle, a smoothie is the perfect option!

What’s even better is that you can create a green tea smoothie from whatever you have available, for example by adding:

  • Fruit such as berries, mangoes, kiwis for vitamins antioxidants, natural sugar and fiber;
  • Yogurt for calcium and protein;
  • Honey or peanut butter for protein;
  • green-tea-smoothiesOatmeal for fiber;
  • Orange juice for vitamin C;
  • Cinnamon for calcium, iron, fiber and vitamins.

Just put some ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth!

Easy as can be…

A great time to experiment to find the smoothie you love best and if you find it difficult to decide which one you like best…..


That way you are ensured to getting all nutrients and vitamins in the right doses. After all, drinking only smoothies with banana and green tea won’t provide all the vitamins and healthy ingredients you need even though on itself it’s healthy!

Just make sure that brewed green tea (whether loose green tea or in a green tea bag) or Matcha green tea powder is always included in the smoothie since it contains so many antioxidants! It adds a sweet taste to the smoothie, mixing well with fruits and vegetables and green tea smoothies are easy to digest!

The ideal smoothie contains 60 per cent fresh fruits and 40 per cent raw leafy vegetables; the optimum combination of sugar and nutrients your body requires.

If you’ve become excited about trying one of the smoothies yourself, please click here to find a list of green tea smoothie recipes!

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