Green Tea Soap: Look and Feel Your Best!


Try green tea soap if you want to start your day FEELING refreshed & energized and LOOKING brand new & healthy!

We all know about the green tea health benefits and its potential to help losing weight – if not just spend some time on this website….But you don’t have to drink green tea to enjoy its benefits!

Green tea contains loads of antioxidants, particularly EGCG, which PREVENT or reduce inflammation and bacterial INFECTIONS.

This makes (organic) soap with green tea ideal for people suffering from acne or with a dry, sensitive skin. Read more at: green tea and acne. or green tea skin care.

Research has shown that EGCG also REJUVENATES dying skin CELLS.
Old cells start dividing again when exposed to this incredible green tea antioxidant, improving our skin condition.

Better yet, this ingredient could possibly even PROTECT us against SKIN CANCER as EGCG inhibits the growth of cancer cells: green tea and cancer.

In short, soap with green tea (extract) is an inexpensive way to slow down the aging process, to get rid of acne or a dry, itchy skin as well as to protect your skin against skin cancer!

Just make sure you buy ORGANIC soap otherwise chemicals will neutralize all green tea benefits!

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