How To Brew Green Tea: The Essential Tips!


Ever wondered exactly how to brew green tea?

Whether you’re supposed to boil the water or not? Whether it’s best to use a green tea bag or loose green tea leaves? Whether to put half a container of leaves into the teapot or not? Whether you need to steep it for a second or several minutes?

I sure did.

What seemed so simple in the beginning: you want tea, you buy tea, you want to drink tea….turns out to be quite a challenge! Well, to reap from its health benefits that is.

Just sit down, relax and read these tips.

From now on, sipping tea’s a breeze….

how-to-brew-green-tea1. Use filtered or bottled water

Normal water contains chlorine and chemicals such as fluoride that will affect the taste of the tea.

2. Use loose tea, not teabags

Loose green tea contains more antioxidants; a cup of loose green tea leaves contains less caffeine than one made with a teabag; loose green tea is normally of higher quality and it gives a better flavor than a green tea bag.

Read more about the on-going battle loose green tea vs a green tea bag: loose green tea.

3. Use a limited amount of tea leaves

Use only 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of green tea leaves for each cup of water to prevent your tea becoming too strong (bitter).

4. Use hot water, not boiled

Using boiling water will give green tea a bitter taste and most of the health properties will be lost. The bitterness comes from the tannins, one of the green tea ingredients, dissolving at a higher temperature (around 176°F or 80°C) than the sweetness from the amino acids, another ingredient, dissolving at about 140°F or 60 °C.

We recommend heating the water up to a maximum of 180°F or 83°C to maintain the sweet flavor, with only a hint of bitterness.

5. Steep for 2,5 minutes max

Do not steep green tea for longer than 2 to 2,5 minutes. Otherwise the tea becomes too bitter and the delicate aroma will be lost. Also, the longer you steep it the higher the caffeine content of your fist cup of green tea. If you use the same green tea leaves for a second round, however, it’ll contain less caffeine.

You can also steep green tea once and drain. Then steep the same green tea leaves again and drink the (almost completely) decaffeinated cup of green tea.

You’re now all set to brew the PERFECT cup of green tea!

(Yep, from now on it’s: “How to brew green tea?

Pfff, No Big Deal…Tell me something I DON’T know!”)

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