Lipton Diet Green Tea: Not So Healthy After All.


I’ll be honest with you; what applies to Lipton Diet Green Tea, applies to all bottled green tea….

If you’re looking for health benefits from green tea in a bottle, you can be sure it contains far less nutrients than drinking a fresh cup of (loose) tea.

lipton-diet-green-teaLoss of Green Tea Health Benefits

Although the taste is great according to many consumers, it’s not doing much for you health wise.

Hey, don’t be so surprised! What else did you expect from a product that has been processed, transported and put on a shelf in a grocery store before you finally pay the cashier at the counter weeks or even months later!

Well, you can say much about Lipton but these guys sure know how to promote a product; hire Hugh Jackman, let him do a little dance in a commercial and


The whole world is on the lookout for this bottled tea! Then they discover something with “diet” in front of tea and a new star is born: diet green tea!

Added sweeteners and artificial ingredients

Looking at the product a bit closer though we see that Lipton Diet Green Tea (whether with a mixed berry, strawberry-kiwi or citrus flavor) has a long list of added sweeteners and other artificial ingredients …

  • Acids: citric acid, ascorbic acid & phosphoric acid
  • Sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame potassium
  • Food additive: sodium hexametaphosphate
  • Preservatives (salts): calcium disodium edta & potassium sorbate
  • Synthetic colors: caramel color,yellow 5 & blue 1

Although the diet version does not contain fructose corn syrup (sweetener found in the regular version), it’s basically no different from a regular soda.

Instead of working on your health, all these additives and sweeteners counteract any of the health benefits of green tea.

What’s more, Lipton promotes the diet green teas by claiming each 8-ounce serving contains 62 mg of flavonoids. Great but flavonoids are not the same as catechins. All catechins are flavonoids, but not all flavonoids are catechins.

Read more about these green tea ingredients.

According to the US Department of Agriculture you would need to drink 10 cups of Lipton Diet Green Tea to consume as many catechins as you’d find in a 6-ounce cup of tea brewed from loose leaves. It’s the catechins providing the health benefits.

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