Planet Organic Green Tea: Truly Organic!


Planet Organic green tea originates from the United Kingdom.

Planet Organic is the UK’s largest organic supermarket, which opened its doors back in 1995. From vegetables, meat, chocolate and wine to shampoos, toothpaste, vitamins and minerals, these guys eat, breath and sleep fully certified organic products.

Of course they also offer a wide range of organic teas; their green tea being a mild unfermented certified organic tea.

With around 20 different green tea flavors, whether loose or in a bag, Planet Organic should definitely have something of your GREEN taste!

So far, there are no known side effects to teas offered by Planet Organic. If you’re on medication or suffering from a medical disease, however, always consult your doctor before use!

If you want to know more about this organic supermarket, visit the website Planet Organic!

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