So, WHAT’s all the Fuss about Green Tea?


green teaI know, you might be getting a bit tired hearing about green tea…

It pops up everywhere nowadays; in your beloved iced tea, as the latest ice cream flavor at the local sushi restaurant or in the diet pill your friend recommended last week.

Could it be that maybe, just MAYBE, there might be something special about it?

YES indeed! You hit the jackpot! What’s even better, this time ALL profit goes to YOU, your body and general well-being!

A little extra care for you and your body? Why not give it a try?……

You might even… LIKE IT!

A few years ago I was also a bit hesitant about trying that funny looking stuff that suddenly unpops itself when you pour hot water over it.

At that time you couldn’t even find it in a tea bag yet, you had to get it from that special tea shop where, what a coincidence, I was working.

So one morning I bravely tried a bit and it didn’t taste bad at all! Okay, you have to give yourself a few sips to get used to the unusual flavor but hey, didn’t you need to learn appreciating orange juice as a kid too??

After slowly starting to appreciate its taste, I wanted to know more about this special tea.

In the end this has led me to create this website; now I can share the things I discovered about green tea with you!

To name just a few of its health benefits:

– it contains antioxidants to keeps you young(er)
– it burns fat
– it helps you focus on the task at hand
– it protects you against diabetes, a heart attack and stroke
– it helps you in your fight against cancer
– it makes acne a thing of the past
– it reduces stress

Wouldn’t you agree that these benefits are a good reason to start your journey in green tea paradise now? Enjoy!

Buy Green Tea Products: We’ve Got Them All Lined Up For Your Convenience!

Buy Products: We’ve Got Them All Lined Up For Your Convenience! From Loose Tea To Skin Care, Soap, and even Perfume! Check It Out.

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