SoBe Green Tea: Just Another Soda.


sobe-green-teaSoBe Green Tea and SoBe Honey Green Tea are two of 14 bottled flavors.

SoBe, short for South Beach, is part of PepsiCo who bought this brand from the South Beach Beverage Company back in 2000.

Although marketing the SoBe products as a cleanser for body, mind and soul, their beverages contain tons of sugar and the rest is filtered water. No sign of any healthy ingredients such as the antioxidants normally found in green tea.

Each bottle of SoBe Energize Green Tea contains
240 calories and 61 grams sugar!

It also contains lots of artificial ingredients such as citric acid, ascorbic acid, and artificial coloring.

The so-called lean version SoBe Lean Honey Green Tea contains only 10 calories per bottle and no sugar; instead it’s full of erythritol (sugar alcohol) and potassium citrate (salt).

Even if these drinks still had some green tea antioxidants their effect would be zero due to all the artificial ingredients and sugar.

Therefore, my advice is to take out that good old teapot again and brew some green tea or put it in the fridge to make some yummy zero-calorie, zero-sugar iced green tea.

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