Tazo Green Tea How Do You Prefer To Drink It?


tazo-green-teaYou might’ve seen Tazo Green Tea at Starbucks (who bought Tazo in 1999) when ordering a hot filter green tea or green tea latte at the counter.

On a sunny day, however, you most likely preferred the bottled Zen green iced tea by Tazo Teas. These guys, established in 1994, have the lot. Luckily you can also buy Tazo Teas in grocery stores for brewing at home!

The Tazo tea company offers around 80 unique tea flavors, from black teas and herbal infusions to, of course, green teas. Some are fruity, others spicy, rejuvenating, soothing or refreshing.

Besides filter bags, they also offer loose tea leaves, bottled juiced teas, bottled iced tea as well as the Tazo® green tea latte mentioned earlier.

tazo-green-teaBe aware that although green tea makes it sound so healthy, this latte (made with Matcha green tea powder), contains 350 calories, so this is probably not the best option when on a diet…but every now and then you should be able to enjoy one!

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